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Job Interview Practice

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Career Advancement

Ace your next interview

Job Interview Practice

Practice Interviews for:

Job interview - Any Industry

MBA interview - Please see our MBA Course
PhD VIVA - Please see our VIVA Course

This lesson will help you ace your job interviews.

Practice for face to face interviews or skype interviews.

Custom made materials with model answers

Have confidence
Create the right image
Eliminate your competition

Advice from a Company Director of 30 years. Experienced in staff procurement.

10 Quick Tips to Ace your next interview

1.   Pack your briefcase like a professional

·      Keep extra copies of your resume

·      Examples of your work

·      Have a pen and paper

·      Printed directions on how to get there

·      Check, check and check


2.   Know the dress code

·      Unless it’s a casual job, wear a suit

·      For ladies a skirt suit or a dress with a blazer


3.   Be on time

·      Research how to get to the interview location beforehand.

Walk in late, and you might as well not walk in at all.


4.   Be confident

·      Smile and make eye contact.

·      Show them that you believe in yourself.

·      Don’t be over confident. You haven’t got the job yet.


5.   Give straight answers

·      If asked about your weaknesses, don’t make the mistake of saying, “I work too hard”. They will know that your answer is BS right away.


6.   Research

·      Do your research about the company and have job specific questions to ask.


7.   Know the next step

·      Ask the interviewer what the next stages are of the recruitment process. You’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety later on.


8.   Get business cards

·      After each interview, request a business card from whomever you meet with. Write a thank you note reiterating your interest in the job. Send it straight away!


9.   Don’t be a stalker

·      It’s hard to wait for a company to make a decision but if they said they’ll make a decision by Friday, resist the urge to call them if they don’t call you. Sometimes other things happen and they can’t get back to you. So, wait and chill out!


10.         Don’t burn your bridges

·      If by some crazy chance you are unsuccessful in getting the job, avoid slamming the phone down in anger. Instead, express your appreciation for considering you and ask them to keep you in mind for other future positions.

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