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Think Fast!

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tutor_image Jessica L
English Good for beginners Speaking Fun & Games

How quickly can you think about and answer questions on different topics?

Do you want to test your speaking skills?  Or do find it difficult to speak English smoothly? 

Quick-think questions will help you to improve speaking English without preparation and give you confidence for free-chat conversations.  I will ask you questions for your level on different topics, if you need help I will give you corrections and you can practice answering them until you are more confident!

★Great for beginners to master the basic questions such as 'Where are you from?' 'What's your hobby?' and 'What's your favourite food?'.

★Perfect for intermediate students to improve their thinking time and build smooth speaking skills!

★Fantastic for advanced students to train fluency!

We can agree on a topic before so you can prepare, or you can be surprised for a real challenge!
Material: Flexible

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