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Quick Morning Workout! (Isolation Exercise)

15 Mins P 1,000
tutor_image Nori

Start your day with a quick 15-min workout!

This lesson is suitable for beginners, especially students in their mid 30’s and older, but I will tailor each lesson to your skill level if necessary.

Isolation exercises work on only a single muscle part at a time such as chest, back, abs, thighs, calves, arms and hip, etc.  I will suggest one or two effective workouts per body part based on your needs.
You don’t need to prepare anything for this lesson, but using a towel or chair as support can be helpful for some students.

《Camera Setting》
I recommend you leave your PC/tablet on the floor, with a camera facing you.  Please make sure you are about 1.5m away from your PC/tablet and have enough space at least 1mx2m around you.
《Lesson Flows
In first 5 minutes, we’ll choose body parts to exercise based on your needs and also warm up.  Then we will work on isolation exercises per body part.  Close the lesson with cooling down exercises.  

Material: Flexible

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