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Medical English Course

50 Mins P 3,500 Trial 30 Mins P 1000
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Focus on interpersonal skills relevant to your field. Gain the confidence you need and communicate effectively in the demanding healthcare career of your choice.

Medical English courses develop general English speaking and listening skills with 1-to-1 Medical English. 

The 1-to-1 Medical English lessons will focus on your individual needs, taking into account your specific line of work

Medical English courses are suitable for doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, students of medicine and other professionals working in the medical sector. 

CEFR Course level B2 – C1  
What to expect:
・improve general and social English language skills and your pronunciation 
・enhance your communication skills for dealing with English-speaking patients and colleagues
・raise awareness of intercultural issues and ‘international English’ 
・develop specific vocabulary and expressions for English used in the medical sector
・practice giving presentations in English or taking a patient history, if necessary
・ work on writing medical reports, emails or case studies · taking a medical history 
・conducting physical examinations 
・breaking bad news · dealing with problematic patients
・effective patient handovers 
・Study language associated with a range of medical situations 
・Learn specialized terminology 
・Focus on interpersonal skills relevant to your field. 

If you are a healthcare professional or university student and you want to improve your English language skills in a context relevant to your career, this is the course for you. 

For those working in a medical field, it is important to be highly accurate and clear in their communication but they also need to be able to show tact and sensitivity. 
During the course, you will develop these English language skills in a variety of contexts. 
This will help you increase your confidence when communicating with patients and their families as well as with colleagues. 

By the end of the course, you will have:
・Studied the language of medicine in various contexts
・Learned to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues
・Increased your awareness of specialized terminology Analysed real case scenarios
・Learned how to deal with challenging situations

Gain the confidence you need and communicate effectively in the demanding healthcare career of your choice.

Material: Textbook (Various textbooks and original material)

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