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Problem Solving

Got some questions or particular request about your learning goals? Feel free to take this counseling class.


Nice to meet you! I would really love to get to know you. Feel free to inquire about my language, art, and design classes.  Kindly write down your general inquiries upon booking this class, so we won't miss anything you wanted to know about my courses and how to plan out your learning goals.  

You might want to ask about:

1. the lesson flow of my class
2. the platform I'm using for our class

3. materials and lesson lineups

4. how should I check your artwork and homework

5. how to track down your drawing skill progress;  fluency level in English and Tagalog

6. modifying your class / particular lesson request

7. getting to know which class suited your particular learning goals

8. changes of plans/goals, we'll try to redesign your recent lesson lineups, lesson materials, or material's difficulty level 
9. etc.



NOTE: This class has a trial session, and you can always book a counseling session at any time if you have more concerns. I'd be happy to be of help. :)



See you soon! 

This tutor is currently on leave or vacation.
Lesson requests can be made after Aug 19, 2019.

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