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Art and Design Talk with Jaja :)

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Drawing And Painting

need Art and Design consultation? Talk with me! :)

Having these questions too?

  •  Do you have doubts about taking an art class?

  •  Does art and design class intimidate you?

  •  Do you want to know the coverage of my watercolor painting  class?

  •  Do you want to know the coverage of other lessons?

  •  Are you looking for a broad exposure to multiple subjects and techniques?

  •  Are you lacking confidence and hiding your desire with art and design?

  •  Do you simply want to play with art and colors?

  •  How about an advice on pursuing a career in fine art fields?

  •  Do you have any customized lesson requests?

  •  Do you need some help in your art school project?

  •  Are you joining an art competition and want to improve your art skills and techniques, your critical thinking and creativity?

  •  Do you need a simple counseling on your craft or art project?

  •  Are you looking for a home decorating lessons too?

  •  Any questions about me and my background?

        I prefer that you take first this talking session with me, to ask anything you want and to discuss your goals in taking art and design class. I'm also open to customizing my curriculum that is relevant to your needs and goals. :)

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