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Professional Proofreading: 60 minutes

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tutor_image Dr Simon
English Grammar Proofreading Native-Check

Get help writing those important documents from a native-speaking English PhD.

Do you need professional writing support? Would you like your work checked by a professional English lecturer and writer?

Do you require accurate and grammatically-correct documents for your business, work or college? 

I can work one-to-one with you to produce highly-professional text, focusing on structure, flow, grammar and accuracy.

You can send me your essay, web copy or document in English for proofreading and I will ensure that it is 100% accurate. I can usually deliver your amended material within 48 hours.
Each booked session represents 60 minutes of my time. I will meet students on Skype if this is necessary for the work (for example, discussions regarding translation choices).

I am an experienced and highly-qualified English lecturer and writer. I have been teaching English and writing since 1998, including at the University of Warwick and the University of London.

Let me help you to enjoy success.

Dr Simon J. Parkes FHEA

*Please note that I do not write student's essays for them, nor will I assist in any form of plagiarism.

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