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English for Academic Purposes

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tutor_image Dr Simon
English Grammar Writing Academic Writing

Academic English and essay writing skills tuition by a native-speaking English PhD.

Need help with academic writing?

Don't waste any more time and energy going around in circles. Embrace a clear writing process and get the work done.

What would that feel like? Not being stressed, having more time to read around your subject, to relax and enjoy student life more?

  • Do you need advice on how to deconstruct a question?

  • Does the idea of essay planning leave you cold?

  • Are you confident when planning the structure of an argument?

  • Do you know what an academic argument is?

  • Have you ever wondered what your tutors actually want?

  • Do your essays flow coherently through beautifully-crafted paragraphs towards clear and concise conclusions?                    

  • Would you like to write essays like this that your tutors will love?

I have taught hundreds of students in the UK (including at the University of Warwick and the University of London), in Europe and online. Book a lesson today and let me guide you to success.

 Dr Simon J. Parkes FHEA
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