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Spiritual Reading via Mail

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tutor_image Spiritual Counselor Keiko
Fortune Telling

Feeling distressed with an aspect of your life? Don't worry alone! Spiritual Counselor Keiko can read your aura, past life and retrieve messages from your guardian spirit via mail within 3 days.

♥Experience spiritual reading via mail from the convenience of your home
If you can't find time in your busy schedule to take a spiritual counseling session this might be the perfect reading solution for you. I will send you a "Reading Sheet" as an attachment via Cafetalk message within 3 days of confirming the request

♥Please up to two areas in which you wish to have the reading
1. Love, marriage, divorce
2. Other relationships in or outside the workplace
3. Finding your calling or the perfect career
4. Your destiny and place in life
5. Past life
6. Moving locations, changing jobs
7. Family issues
8. Home and land
9. Health, chronic conditions
10. Other - please be specific in your message

♥Please give me the information necessary to perform the reading
(Please do not worry. Any private information you submit will be protected and handled with care)
1. Your nationality
2. Full name
3. Date of birth
4. Your current work
5. If the reading involves another person please provide (to the best of your knowledge) the person's name and date of birth or age.

♥Please write specifics on what you wish to have answered.

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