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Let's learn Japanese Onomatopoeias!!

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tutor_image Tomomi.Suzuki
Japanese Reading Vocabulary General Discussion

There are tons of mimetic words in Japanese. They are often used in manga, anime and novels as well. If you learn them, your Japanese will sound more natural, and you will be able to follow your favorite anime or manga characters more easily! :-) Let's l

Japanese people use a lot of onomatopoeias in conversation. They are used in manga, anime or novels a lot as well. While a lot of textbooks teach the basic Japanese alphabet and language, there are sometimes holes in the knowledge. A lot of learners feel frustrated when they study from a book, but then find out that people talk a bit differently. Let's learn Japanese though onomatopoeia so your Japanese will be more complete! (Depending on your interest, we can use manga for lessons too.)

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