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German: Los geht's

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German Good for beginners Vocabulary Speaking

German Language Course for Beginners (A1-A2). Learn the basics to get started with this beautiful language.

Have you ever heard the German language in Hollywood films and thought "oh gosh, how can they speak like this? such a hard language!" Well, let me show you that REAL German is not like that. German is the language of great authors and philosophers, so why ruin it?

These Lessons for Beginners cover:

1) Introducing and speaking about yourself

2) How to meet German people properly and what to avoid in first meetings

3) Basic Grammar: Present tense verbs, pronouns, prepositions of time and place

4) Basic Vocabulary: Hobbies and Interests, Food, Weather, Job

5) Affermative and negative sentences, Questions and their answers

I will provide material on powerpoint presentations and/or exercises in Word format. If you already have material we can work with it, if it is appropriate (there have been quite some reforms in the last years!)

Material: Other (PPT)

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