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Sad or Lonely Let’s Talk, I’ll Listen!

30 Mins P 1,400
tutor_image Greg R
Psychological Counseling

Real Communication Happens when People Feel Safe

You don’t have to be strong.

You don’t have to be silent.

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to get mad.

If something is bothering you and you have nowhere to turn, I am here to listen.

  • ·      Relationship Problems

  • ·      Intimacy Concerns

  • ·      Workplace problems

  • ·      Caregiver Concerns

  • ·      Body Image Issues

  • ·      Loneliness

  • ·      Sexual Anxiety

  • ·      Grief 

  • Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us, someone who won’t judge us, who will be there for us, someone who is on our side.  If you are looking for that someone, I am ready to listen. 

This lesson is always confidential!


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