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Transcribe Short Clips

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tutor_image Rhys (リース)
English Listening Writing

Can you catch what's being said?

*This is a Non-Skype lesson*
**Students do not need to purchase separate feedback for this class**

This lesson is for students who would like to work on their listening and writing. 

I've assembled several short (0:30~1:30) Youtube clips. Students can select one clip of their choice from here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ANzKxPfy7tknFYqsqPk99Axe_YU9HV-QU3hLi96NGCg/edit?usp=sharing

Please listen to the clip of your choice and then transcribe it. After you are finished, send me your completed transcript. After that, I will send you my own copy of the transcript with vocabulary and culture notes attached. 


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