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Let's Rock & Roll

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English Vocabulary Speaking Writing

The amazing history of rock & roll.

Let's Talk!
The "Let's Talk" series was developed to help students acquire a rich vocabulary in whatever subject that interests them.  The philosophy here is simple: "We always learn best when we are having fun!" There's no point studying something boring.  Why do that?  Let's study something fun!!! 

Let's Rock & Roll!
This course explores the history of rock & roll and its many genres.

Lesson Structure

This lesson has 5 components:
1) Watching & listening to a classic tune on YouTube from the Rock&Roll era;
2) The reading of a short article to enhance vocabulary;

3) Questions and answers to improve speaking; 
4) Two writing exercises: Create Meaning & Ahead of the Curve; and 
5) A sophisticated Article & Essay for Advanced Students.

Material: Original Material
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