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The Imagine Course

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Imagination: the Key to Expression!

The secret to speaking beautiful, sophisticated English is much simpler than people think.  There are 2 components:

1) Vocabulary; and
2) Imagination.

So the Imagine Course is designed for students want to improve their speaking... FAST!

I have met many students who express frustration when it comes to their English.  Why?  They know the grammar.  They understand the rules.  But they don't feel confident when it comes to expressing ideas

That's why I created the Imagine Course.  Its whole focus is to build confidence by giving you the tools you need to express what you think.

The first element is a rich everyday vocabulary.  The second element is practice expressing your ideas.  Many of you already have a good foundation in English. Yes, you make mistakes!  That's normal. But what you really lack is a broad vocabulary that includes lots of idioms so your English sounds natural.

The Imagine Course is the PERFECT COURSE for those of you who are at the beginner or intermediate level and want to speak beautiful English fast.  Once you acquire a rich vocabulary, you'll be amazed at how beautiful your English becomes.

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