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50 Minute News

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English Reading Speaking News/Current Affairs

Get current in Current Events!

The internet is full of news stories in English, but maybe you want a little help understanding them. Maybe you just want to practice talking in English with topics you can't find in a English text book.

This class uses a mix of reading, speaking and listening exercises centered around topics you care about in the news today. 

How does this class work?

Reading - You choose a short article or topic that interests you before class. That means, you choose your own homework!

Speaking - We use the vocabulary in the article you chose to talk about the topic. We practice any grammar points from the article that you are unsure about.

(Optional) Listening Practice - You also listen to a short article about the same topic to work on listening comprehension. Then we can talk about our topic in more detail.

Popular topics include:

  • Movie stars and tv

  • Scientific discovery

  • Technology

  • Health 

  • Natural disasters and weather

  • Fashion and style

This class is ideal for intermediate to advanced students.

Taking a trial class is highly recommended in order to decide on topics.

I also offer the same course with shorter classtimes. 

Material: Flexible

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