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Japanese Laguage Advanced Course

50 Mins P 1,800
tutor_image Hasshii
Japanese Business Speaking Roleplaying

Those who have already mastered the basic level Japanese but still wish to improve more in order to become able to use it in business or in any other official occasion, I will help you. Through my lesson, your Japanese will become as fluent as native Japa

In my lesson, every time we choose current topics related with politics, economics, social problems and international affairs, then discuss on it in Japanese. If you can’t say certain phrase in Japanese, you can tell me in English first, then I will tell you how to say it in Japanese, and you just repeat after me till you memorize it completely. In that way, your Japanese vocabulary and the varieties of expressions increase drastically.

After 1 year, your Japanese will be as fluent as native Japanese.

Material: Flexible

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