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Confident English Job Interview Prep

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English Job Interview Prep Speaking Counseling

Conquer fear and practice 3 key skills in English to present yourself with confidence!

1. Learn To Tell Your Story: 
To answer difficult interview questions you need to Tell Your Story - Confidently and Quickly.  I will help you create stories from your previous job experiences.  Then we'll practice until you can confidently tell about your accomplishments with a relevant story.

2. Learn How To Ask Good Questions:   

We'll create a list of questions that you can ask at your interview, to show that you will be a valuable employee!

3. Learn How To Leave: I'll show you how to end the interview to make a strong impression to make sure they remember you as a valuable candidate!

Bonus:  I can give you a recording of our lesson!  So you can hear your progress and review.

Let's OVERCOME FEAR and DEVELOP COURAGE to have CONFIDENCE during your job interviews!

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