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Basic Accounting

25 Mins P 1,200
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Book Keeping

Accounting or accountancy is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about economic entities.

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Topics to be covered in the course 

  •  Aims and Objectives

  •  Introduction

  •  Book- Keeping

  1. Meaning

  2. Definition

  3. Objectives

  • Accounting

  1. Meaning

  2. Definition

  3. Objectives

  4. Importance

  5. Functions

  6. Advantages

  7. Limitations

  • Methods of Accounting

  1. Single Entry

  2. Double Entry

  3.  Steps involved in double entry system

  4. Advantages of double entry system

  •  Meaning of Debit and Credit

  •  Types of Accounts and its rules

  1. Personal Accounts

  2. Real Accounts

  3. Nominal Accounts

  •  Distinction between Book Keeping and Accounting

  •  Branches of Accounting

  1. Financial Accounting

  2. Cost Accounting

  3. Management Accounting 

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