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Basic Programming 101

25 Mins P 900 Trial 15 Mins P 500
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Programming & Development

C programming. In this course we will cover basic programming using C.

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I require both parties to have the camera on. Thank you for your understanding. 

During each lesson we will go through all the topics in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) so you can see it practically

  • What is C 

  • Getting Started with C  

1.The C Character Set 

2.Constants, Variables and Keywords 

3.Types of C Constants  

4.Rules for Constructing Integer Constants 

5.Rules for Constructing Real Constants 

6.Rules for Constructing Character Constants 

7.Types of C Variables 

8.Rules for Constructing Variable Names 

9.C Keywords 

The First C Program 

Compilation and Execution 

Receiving Input 

C Instructions 

1.Type Declaration Instruction 

2.Arithmetic Instruction 

3.Integer and Float Conversions 

4.Type Conversion in Assignments 

5.Hierarchy of Operations 

6.Associativity of Operators 

7.Control Instructions in C 


Material: Flexible

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