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English Listening Speaking

British Culture Lesson

Want to learn more about the royal family?

Wonder why the British drink so much tea?

Ever wondered what cricket is?

Do you want to learn about British food?
Visiting or moving to Britain and want to learn more about the British culture before you go?

Working with British people and want to know how to impress them?

Have an interest in all things British?  

Then this lesson is right for you!

I am from Guildford. A very English town south of London. I can tell you all about British culture and explain its complicated politics. I can teach you about the British people and its history. I can give you travel tips and advice on how to survive in Britain. I can explain British customs and the importance of manners to the British public.

During the lesson to help explain these things I may use videos or articles as well as sharing my own knowledge. This lesson will also help you to improve your listening and speaking skills. 

I look forward to meeting you.



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