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Intro to Kimono

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The more you know about kimono culture, the more interesting it becomes. You could even say that the wonderful kimono culture brings together great traditional craftsmen from all over the world. Let’s have fun discussing kimono!

Kimono is a part of Japanese culture that gets more interesting the more you learn about it. I will use pictures to explain step by step how to enjoy kimono culture.

The wonderful thing about kimonos is that you can create completely different looks based on what dressing tools, coordinates, and ideas you use.

If you’re going to wear a kimono, it’s better to learn by doing, as it takes experience to wear kimono well.

Not only can you wear a kimono, but you can also have fun with the fabric of an old kimono and remake it into new clothes, accessories, bags, and more!

I hope to give you a fun introduction to the wonderful world of kimono!

*We can use English during class if necessary

Translation: 10/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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