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Hooping lesson

45 Mins P 1,800 Trial 15 Mins P 500
tutor_image Alla Yoo

Let's play with a hoop, make fun and make your body more flexible and fit!^^

Available for man and woman!

I introduce you Hooping Classes:

This kind of interaction with the hoop let you use all parts of your body and make them flexible and strong.
Inside of lesson we will do some warm up exercises with hoop that help you to prepare your body for more difficult tricks and learn the basics. Also we learn elements with a hoop on your body and out of body. At the end we try some dance choreography with a hoop!^^

Please visit my Tutor's Column to watch some Hooping videos with me and my students!^^ 

For this lesson you need a middle size hoop and some space.


For beginners: if you don't have a hoop yet you can use a lightweight plastic hoop that you can find in some children toys store or sport store. If you need an advice where you can buy a hoop made from special tube for hooping please contact me.

All levels from beginners to advanced are welcome!

You can choose your favorite music to accompany the lesson!

Class will be held in english!

(if you feel that your english is really on the beginners level don't worry! we can use just simple phrases ^^ and you also have a chance to practice your english!)

Material: Other (About 70-80 cm diameter hoop)

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