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Beginner's guide to DSLR/Mirrorless camera

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So you forked out handsome cash for a quality camera. Do you know what to do? Let a pro help you!

I am bilingual (English & Japanese) so English speakers are welcome!

This lesson is intended for those who own a camera on which you can adjust the followings manually: 

  1. Aperture

  2. Shutter speed 

  3. ISO sensitivity

Other than those, camera format does not matter (i.e., micro four-thirds, mirrorless, full DSLR, etc.). Please also have the instruction manual ready. If you have misplaced it, you can always download a copy from the manufacturer's website.

In this day and age, snapping a picture is just as easy as taking out your phone and tap. So why did you bother buying a camera? Because you care, don’t you?


What I want to know first is this:

What do you want to capture? 

Something you see on the way to work, lit up by the first light, perhaps? Or maybe your daughter's dance recital is coming up?



Once we got that out of the way, let’s focus on (pun intended!) your camera, and the THREE elements of photography every photographer needs to know.


(Photos shown here were all taken by me)

If you need more reference, I have my own professional portfolio website so go check it out!
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