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Quick Response Challenge *Detailed Skype Notes*

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English Bootcamp Pronunciation Speaking

Is your English smooth, accurate, and confident? We will use specialized textbook exercises and conversation to help you improve!

*This lesson includes detailed notes on Skype, with pronunciation notes and corrections. This lesson does not include Cafetalk feedback (no lesson review on Cafetalk).

My popular 3-part "Quick Response Challenge" lesson! This lesson uses conversation, questions, and specially-designed textbook exercises. My students tell me that this lesson is exciting, practical, and loaded with content.

The specialized textbook exercises focus on speaking and listening, including natural pronunciation and natural-speed responses.

My business students value this lesson because they notice improvements in smooth and accurate speaking/listening skills, and they're able to increase their confidence (confident tone while speaking). 

My travel and conversation students also enjoy this lesson, because they're able to get used to American pronunciation, and they can improve their speaking/listening skills for conversations with native English speakers.

Thank you for taking a look at this lesson; I hope you'll enjoy it!

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