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Pronunciation (American English)

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tutor_image Cecily G.
English Pronunciation Speaking Roleplaying

Let's listen and work on pronunciation!

Do you need help with your English pronunciation? I can tailor this lesson to your needs. Here are some different ideas we could do:

  • You can read a speech or piece of writing 

  • I can help you with individual words or sounds

  • I can help you with overall intonation

  • We could roleplay a dialogue

I am a native American English speaker, and can help you practice speaking English with a more authentic accent. 

By the way, I am not trained in Phonics and I do not use phonics. I am currently studying speech language pathology and have studied clinical phonetics. I have studied the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). 

If you're interested in pronunciation in songs, please take my Sing a Song lesson. 

Note: this lesson is shorter because practicing pronunciation is quite tiring. 

Material: Flexible

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