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Fun with Photos!

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tutor_image Nicolle C.
English Good for beginners Pronunciation Speaking

Let's look at some photos - your photos, or mine, and describe what we see!

This lesson can be useful for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. 

*If you choose
 "Lesson 1: Getting to Know You" as your first lesson with me, you can get 25% off your second lesson!*

1. You tell me if you have a specific request about the photos. 

2. I will send 3 photos to you, so you can study before the lesson if you want to. 

3. We will start the lesson with those 3 photos, so there will be less pressure for you! I will support and encourage you, and give you corrections in the chatbox if needed! Let's have fun with this lesson! (If you choose to use your own photos, you can send them to me before the lesson if you want. I can type a list of questions about the pictures for you to review before the lesson, if you request it)

4. I will show you 1 or 2 more photos, (depending on time) photos that you have not seen, and we can talk about them. 

5. After the lesson I will provide a review of the lesson, with any new vocabulary, observations, and suggestions included.

*I have photos of many places, including Calgary, the Rocky Mountains, Vancouver, Montreal, various places in the U.S., Iceland, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, and the West coast of Mexico. You can also share photos with me! 

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