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20 mins EVERYDAY (5 days a week)

20 Mins P 4,000 Trial 10 Mins P 200
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English Pronunciation Vocabulary Speaking

Short and sweet, let's meet everyday to keep the learning going and the motivation high. Practice, practice, practice...

Learn a little every day... buy 5 lessons for 4000p!

We can tailor a plan to exactly what you want and need to reach your goals.

For example...

If you would like a little taste of everything 

  • Lesson 1 - Introduce new grammar and vocabulary

  • Lesson 2- Reading comprehension

  • Lesson 3 - L

    istening Questions & Answers

  • Lesson 4 - Writing

  • Lesson 5 - Conversation 


We could have a casual conversation each day. We can chat about life, work, family, travel, different cultures and all things interesting.  


We can spend the 20 min lesson completing practice test scenarios for you to ace your English exam with confidence.

Whatever course you choose, your English will improve quickly and you will only spend 20mins a day practicing.

Note: The lessons are valid for 14 days and can be used on any day during that time. 

Material: Flexible
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This is a 5-lesson pack. You will be issued 5 free coupons when your first lesson is confirmed by the tutor so you can request the remaining lessons. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 14 days of the confirmation date.

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