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Facial Yoga

20 Mins P 1,800
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Yoga & Meditation

Face Yoga for anti-aging!

Don’t feel nervous about getting started!
Facial yoga has become a hot topic lately.
We will be working and stretching our facial muscles in order to produce an anti-aging effect.
It will help smooth out fine lies, promote blood circulation, and give you a general lift up!

-improved complexion
-laugh lines reduced
-fine lines smoothed out
-lift up
-crows feet reduced/wide open eyes/longer eyelashes/improved eyesight
-increased speaking volume/aspiration pneumonitis prevention
-corners of the mouth lifted/beautiful smile
-stress relief
-cheerful and optimistic outlook

*results may differ by individual, but many see the results listed above

Translation: 9/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

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