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How to Apply Glamorous Makeup

40 Mins P 1,500
tutor_image Carla C.
Hair & Makeup

Do you have a party or event to go to?! Or do you just want to learn how to apply makeup? This is the right lesson for you!

This lesson is about glamorous makeup! It is a little more advance than the Natural Makeup lesson I have! The style I apply is a mix between Korean and American style makeup~

This lesson can either be a conversation format or we can apply makeup together! I have knowledge in makeup and have been practicing since middle school. I can teach you how to apply makeup for your face type. I can also recommend products I know from Korean to Japanese to American brands. Come join this lesson to look ready for any event you are going to or if you want to learn for fun!

Format of the lesson:

  1. Before the lesson, I will message you about your preference of the lesson

  2. Start of the lesson: Self-Introduction & Discuss what products you use

  3. How to prep your skin for makeup

  4. Discussion or Hands-on lesson in application of Glamorous Makeup

  5. How to remove makeup properly

  6. Last 5 minutes to answer any questions

I am not a skin specialist or dermatologist. If you have sensitive skin, be careful with the products you use and do a patch test! The products I recommend are just for reference but you are not obligated to buy them. I am not sponsored by any brands.
Material: Flexible

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