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Geopolitical Insights

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What really makes the world tick!

Geopolitical Insights!

This is my most advanced course!  If your English is already quite advanced and you are looking for a 1) fascinating, 2) challenging, and 3) cost effective course that will help you develop a very rich vocabulary and perfect your listening and writing skills, this may be the course for you!

It is designed around full-length documentaries. The documentaries typically include interviews with specialists from around the world discussing issues that are of critical interest to all of us.  What makes these documentaries so valuable is they incorporate:

  1. a sophisticaled university level vocabulary; and

  2. many of the common idioms that educated people use every day.

How it works

Step 1.  You watch a documentary that lasts anywhere between 15 to 120 minutes (Median=50 minutes).  Purpose?  You are learning to HEAR the most sophisticated English on the planet.
Step 2.  While watching the video, you write down and time-date any questions you have regarding 1) the English, 2) the idioms, 3) the financial, economic or geopolitical implications of the content that you'd like to discuss.  Purpose? To master your understanding of the content and lay the foundation for sophisticated, university level conversation.
Step 3.  With each video comes a list of 17 in-depth questions.  This is the written exercise.  Because the questions are sophisticated, you are learning to express a university level English.  Most students write between 80-120 words per question, so 1,700 words total.  Purpose? Perfect your ability to discuss and write about sophisticated university level topics that are of importance to all of us living on Spaceship Earth.
Step 4. For advanced students, there is the ability to do additional research and write an essay.  This is my most advanced exercise.  In this lesson, we will spend time to 1) correct your English, 2) make it more colorful and engaging so that you hold the reader's attention, 3) explore ways to make it more powerful so that readers are left with an Enduring impression.

In the end, language is not about words or grammar. It's about you having the courage and confidence to express YOUR ideas.  That's what makes this course so fun and interesting.  It's one of my most popular courses... and for good reason... a lot of you have curious minds and, like me, value thinking outside the box.

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