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Engineering English

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tutor_image Richard Parker
English Business Industry-specific Science & Engineering Listening

Explain and understand clearly so clients and colleagues can understand.

Welcome to a simple English engineering course where you will learn to communicate and understand if you talk to a colleague, or travel for work in Asia, Europe, Africa, or America.
I taught engineers at Kobe Seikou for 2 years and student engineers at Ehime University for 10 years. They learned to clearly explain details and the ideas of engineering projects. All materials are specially designed and provided. We can focus on your special area, but here are few examples that make good practice:

The simple ones
CFB boilers
Beam bridges, Truss bridges. Cantilever bridges, etc.
Internal combustion engines
Hydrogen powered engines
Wind power generation
Wave power generation

The difficult ones
Nuclear reactors
Particle accelerators
Earthquake resistant buildings

The fun ones
How do telephones work (you would be surprised how little people understand).
Create a candle powered phone charger.
Create an explosive alarm system (useful in a zombie apocalypse).

Any subject is good, including your special area. Can you explain in clear engineering English? After, I will provide a model explanation which we can later discuss.
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