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Academic Writing in Japanese

25 Mins P 900 Trial 25 Mins P 500
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Japanese Writing Proofreading

Practice writing papers in Japanese in order to study at a Japanese university, etc.

In order to study at a university or grad school in Japan, one must learn to read and write academic Japanese. In this lesson, you will practice reading and writing “logical Japanese,” a common factor among all fields of study. 

We can either use books from your chosen field of study, or materials provided by me. Please book a trial lesson first so that we can talk about your goals and study methods.

Generally, during these lessons we can:
1. Practice accurate reading comprehension by reading general essays
2. Practice summarizing essays that are not too lengthy
3. Practice writing essays on a certain topic
4. Work on entrance exam essays or reports
5. Practice reading and summarizing technical papers from your field of study
6. Practice writing technical papers on your field of study

Passing the JLPT is not a prerequisite, but these lessons are aimed at students who are around JLPT N1-N2 level.

Please start by booking a trial lesson. After that, I will give you assignments to read and write, then correct your work. During the next lesson, we will take a look at the corrections and discuss ways to improve your writing. There is no additional fee for getting your work corrected. If you would like your work corrected without a Skype lesson, I will set that up using a different system, so please feel free to send me a message.

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