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Grammar in Use (Beginner/Intermediate) (No Feedback)

50 Mins P 2,600 Trial 30 Mins P 1000
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English Good for beginners Grammar Textbook-Centric

Brush up your grammar with the popular "Grammar in Use" series from Cambridge

*I do not provide feedback for this lesson (including trials); students who would like feedback should purchase it separately.*

In this lesson, we will go over the explainations and work on the practice questions from the popular "Grammar in Use" series from Cambridge. We will also work on constructing constructing sentences together to help solidify grammar points. 

I will provide samples for the first few lessons (Beginner/Intermediate): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Yry_SfibGQfmNLZkloNUZzVVZPYmZsSi1kWElxeG1UMVZYTmtQYlYzaThvTUhVOUtXTFU
Please download the sample files so we can use them for our lesson.

After finishing the samples, I ask that students kindly purchase the books for themselves. (Essential Grammar in Use - Third Edition/English Grammar in Use - Fourth Edition)


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