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Keep a Daily Journal

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30 Journal Entries in 30 Days. Improve your writing skills, increase your vocabulary and become more fluent!

Keeping a Journal

I often recommend students to keep a journal. Why? By keeping a daily journal, we are forced to practice English every day. In the journal, you can talk about your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. By putting these things into a journal, you will be forced to look up new words in the dictionary and put them to use, which will help you remember the new vocabulary. It's a win-win! As the days and the months of your calendar fly by, you will have something tangible to look back on and see your improvement.

What is in this lesson?

Write about your day (or about anything) and send your writing to me. I will check over your journal, provide any corrections and give you feedback on your entry.

How to get started

If you have any questions or would like to get to know me prior to beginning, please send me a message expressing your interest. We can set up a free counseling session and I will help you to get started.

Keeps you motivated 

By writing a short amount, around 100 words each day, you will keep your motivation to learn. This is a huge part of improving and I will motivate you each and every day! 

Get Started Today

The best time to get started is now! Before you know it, your writing and your vocabulary will have improved. The best part is, you will begin thinking about your day in English, which will improve your overall fluency.

30 Lessons

After scheduling your 1st journal entry lesson. I will send you 29 free coupons to use in 30 days from your first lesson. That's up to 3000 words that you will have completed in 1 month. Imagine your improvement!! 

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