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Henry VIII and his 6 wives

55 Mins P 3,000
tutor_image Richard Parker
English Grammar Reading Vocabulary Speaking

Murder, romance and politics

Targets: Past tenses, Past perfect, Vocabulary and Speaking fluency.

 1. Practice of past + past perfect tenses

 2. Your summary of a prepared text (if possible)

 3. Who were
   a) Catherine of Aragon (the perfect wife?)
   b) Anne Boleyn (the other women?)
   c) Jane Seymour (died to give Henry his son)
   d) Anne of Cleves (my favorite)
   e) Catherine Howard (a prostitute or a victim?)
   f) Catherine Parr ( lover and mother)

 4. What happened to each of them and why?

 5. Discussion of wider events (the religious revolution)

 6. Vocabulary review/ fun tests
Material: Flexible

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