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8 Italian Lessons in 1 Month! (from A1 to C2)

50 Mins P 14,000
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4 grammar lessons + 4 conversation lessons! Let's study Italian twice a week and save 25%❤

▲At the moment I'm too busy and unable to accept requests for this type of lesson. Thank you for your comprehension ♡

This 8-lesson pack is perfect for those who wish to study Italian twice a week for one month (30 days). I always recommend my students to take at least one grammar lesson and one conversation lesson per week, it's the ideal pace for language learning! Plus, you get to immediately practice the grammar studied in the previous lesson in the casual atmosphere of a conversation class, in which your main goal is communication, and therefore, you feel less pressure compared to a grammar lesson. 

△WARNING! If you're an absolute beginner (A0), start by booking a single lesson or a 4-lesson pack!◀

★it's too early for you to speak only Italian, so we're still unable to have a 50-minute conversation

★you don't know yet if you'll actually enjoy studying Italian (plus, with me) 

★I don't know you very well, so if you have issues and need to cancel a lesson I will keep the coupons no matter what!

❤You will be able to request this package as soon as we study the present tense (Unit 4 of Nuovo Espresso 1)

Grammar lesson (50'): 2800 points
x 4 = 11200 points 8000 points (-30%)  
Conversation lesson (50'): 1800 points
x 4 = 7200 points 6000 points (-20%) 

TOTAL = 18400 points 14000 points (-25%)    

☆Book your lesson ahead of time! I have MANY active students right now, so you might not be able to find 2 free slots throughout the week if you book last-minute. I recommend sending the requests at least one week earlier! ^_^

About the levels and contents, you can check these pages and let me know which lesson you would like to take 4 times at the time of the request:
Basic Italian (from 0 to A1) [from Unit 4 - around 3 months from the beginning of the course]
Italian for beginners (from A1 to A2)
Intermediate Italian (B1-B2) 
Advanced Italian (C1-C2)

CONVERSATION (Free Talk) [check this page for more details]
- Chiacchieriamo! Italian free conversation

Can I switch the lesson type?
Yes, you may request to change a grammar lesson to a conversation one (so it's even possible to turn all 8 lessons into conversation lessons) if you like (for instance, when you end up taking only 1 in a week), but you may not do the opposite. 

What happens when the teacher is on leave?

If there are vacation weeks on my schedule during the month of validity of the lessons pack, I will extend the validity of the remaining coupons for the same amount of days I took off, starting from the expiration day. 

What happens if I cancel a lesson (less than 24 hours before the lesson) or my coupons expire?

The cost of one lesson for this pack is extremely convenient, but the conditions are strict: I will always keep all the coupons. The reason is that knowing I'll be busy twice a week with a student, I won't be able accept requests from other students. If you're not sure you'll be able to take 8 lessons in a month, just go for the 4-lesson pack, please. :)

Request a free counseling session so that we can get to know each other and decide how to study together! ♡
Material: Flexible
Lesson Pack Details:
This is a 8-lesson pack. You will be issued 8 free coupons when your first lesson is confirmed by the tutor so you can request the remaining lessons. Please note that all requests related to this pack must be taken within 30 days of the confirmation date.

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