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Composing and Arranging Songs

60 Mins P 3,300
tutor_image Remi Inari
Lyric Writing / Composition / Theory / Music Production

For absolute beginners to people who want to study composition seriously!

Composing and Arranging Songs
For absolute beginners to people who want to study composition seriously!

“I want to create my own, original song!”
“I want to rearrange my new favorite song so that I can play it myself!”

If you’ve ever thought this before, please try out this class!
The words “composition” and “arrangement” make it seem hard, but anyone can do it!

If you challenge yourself to give it a try, you will naturally pick up knowledge of music theory and various instruments along the way.

If you’re a music lover, learning this will help make your music life feel more complete.

Choir, vocal music, rock, pop, jazz, wind music, chamber music, orchestra, you name it! All genres and compositions are welcome.

I would love to spread the joy of singing/performing one’s original work to as many people as possible!

For example:
-you want to create an original song for an anniversary or event
-you want to rearrange a song you like to fit match the instruments/number of people in your band
-you’re already composing/arranging and want objective opinions and advice
-you’re thinking about studying composition at a music school

Whether you’re advanced or a complete beginner, I will create lessons that meet your needs.

We can also mix music theory/compositional rules into the lesson.

Please feel free to contact me!
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