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Master Business English!

This course is perhaps the best course there is on the internet for those who want to build a powerful business vocabulary.  I know that this is a bold statement, but it's the feedback I have received from executives at top international companies around the world.

There are 2 reasons that stand out:
1) The content is based on cutting edge business articles that are financially sophisticated and compelling.  So we're not "chit-chatting" about generic business ideas from a decade ago.  We're discussing REAL BUISNESS ISSUES TODAY!
2) Because I've been involved in selling multi-million dollar deals over 40 years, I know all the business jargon and have had to use it constantly to close deals.   In the end, it's not about memorizing idioms that matters.  It's about knowing how to use them effectively.  That's what this course will teach you!

The bottom line

To be truly fluent in business, it's absolutely essential that you know business idioms!  Why? Too often, brilliant students find themselves in meetings or international conferences and don't know what people are talking about. 

That's embarrassing! Worse!  It makes you a very weak player at the table.  That's not good!  If you want to truly succeed in business internationally, you've got to master this stuff!


"As an executive at Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Company pays for all my English lessons.  I've studied with many top schools, including Berlitz, and the truth is that your lessons are the best."


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