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Learn English for Kids!

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tutor_image Leah V
English Good for beginners For Children Textbook-Centric

「ALL LEVELS」Developing English skills in a fun way!

This lesson is for parents who want their child or children to begin learning English right away from a native speaker.

Your children will practice and learn using the Everybody UP! curriculum. Students will participate in a placement test to determine what level (1-6) is suitable for them.  In addition, students will practice developing conversational English and may use other material provided.

Parents can also choose to learn with their children so that practice can continue outside of lesson.

I am a very warm and patient teacher. I have taught children of ALL ages and experienced great success. The key is to be firm, but also fun. 

The trial lesson is for introductions and for you and your child to meet me.

Everybody UP! Sample pages:

Material: Textbook (Everybody UP!)

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