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Describing Pictures for Kids! (No feedback)

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English For Children Primary Schoolers Vocabulary

Learn with colourful and fun photos!

*I do not provide feedback for this lesson (including trials); students who would like feedback should purchase it separately.*

This is a kid-friendly version of my class "Learn English Through Describing Pictures". We will use colourful and cute pictures (along with the occasional real life photo) to help your child improve their descriptive vocabulary.

Rather than focusing on lengthy descriptions like my "Learn English Through Describing Pictures lesson", in this lesson we will focus more on:

- Identifying nouns (ie. doctor, table, chair, mother, baby, bed)
- Identifying verbs (ie. eating, talking, smiling, drinking, walking, standing)
- Identifying comparatives and superlatives (ie. taller, shorter, older, biggest, smallest, youngest)
- Identifying prepositions (ie. in, on, behind, between, at)
- Putting everything together to make short sentences!

*I will post the photos on the whiteboard and make notes beside it during the lesson. This lesson is most suitable for children who are able to read.*

I have prepared over 50 pictures. Some sample pictures include:

- Playing in the playground
- Eating with the family
- Walking in the park
- Taking out a book at the library
- Sports (basketball, baseball, tennis)
- Classroom 
- Space
- Shopping
- And more!

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