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JLPT N4 Let's try!

50 Mins P 1,500 Trial 20 Mins P 200
tutor_image mumusuke (Aya.O)
Japanese Test Prep Grammar

JLPT N4をうけるためのレッスンです。

This is a lesson for those who want to get JLPT N5.

You can get a half-price coupon per 5 lessons!

We can use "Genki" "Minna no Nihongo" "TRY! N5" or any other textbooks. I have a lot of materials, so before our lesson whould you let me know what textbook you have and what section you want to study.

But if you don't have any textbook, don't worry! I prepare some files for you. I can also prepare a lot of extra files for enough practice.

I always discuss how to study with students. Please tell me your problem. I'll do my best to help you.

JLPT is difficult, but very good exam. It makes your Japanese skill improve much better.

Let's study Japanese!

Material: Flexible

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