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Have Fun Playing! (Piano Lessons for Kids)

25 Mins P 1,500 Trial 20 Mins P 500
tutor_image Hiroko Lilli

Learn to read music and play all sorts of songs!

“What song should I play next?” “I want to be able to play even more songs!” (^o^)

These thoughts are very important! I will give simple lessons that will help your children understand how much fun playing the piano is by teaching them how to play lots of tunes.

Everyone has their own musical sense. Learning musical expression through playing the piano is incredibly important for people who play music, whether they are children or adults. Whether or not you can do it depends on whether or not you have confidence in yourself. I hope to guide my students through the wonderful world of music so that they can experience all of these things.

When you make a request, please inform me of the following (brief summaries are fine)

Piano experience, songs you are playing, songs you want to learn, etc.(^o^)

This lesson will be held on Skype. I’m very sorry, but I am restricting this lesson to children who:

*Can sit in front of the piano throughout the duration of the lesson (25 minutes. You may be beside your child during the lesson).

*Can read notes to a certain extent and knows which notes correspond with which keys

*If you would like your lesson in German, please let me know.

Let’s have a good time playing piano together!

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