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Master English Expression

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Express beautiful, sophisticated, colorful & compelling English!

Master English Expression is an English course developed for professionals.  Why professionals?  If you use English at work, then you have probably realized that English, being the #1 business language in the world, is important to your success.  So the ability to speak it well is a huge asset.

What makes Master English Expression so unique is that it integrates 1) Grammar, 2) Vocabulary 3) Idioms 4) Imagination and 5) Color to express beautiful, sophisticated and compelling ideas.

Since, I started teaching on Cafetalk almost 4 years ago, I discovered something very valuable:

Many of you already speak English quite well, but...
You lack confidence in expressing YOUR IDEAS!

That's because you haven't mastered a beautiful vocabulary, sophisticated grammar and colorful idioms, nor have you learned how to connect language and imagination.  Why?  This kind of English is never taught.  What is taught is "academic English"... the intellectual stuff... not the beautiful, creative use of language that builds REAconfidence.

The result?  You've hit a plateau.  So what you hope to find is not just another English course.  What you are looking for is...


Most of the students who have chosen to work with me are either 1) business professionals or 2) university and post-graduate students.  There is a reason. Learning HOW to express your ideas creatively and powerfully is a major key to success in your career.

The Design

To help you achive your goals, I have created all my own lessons.  Why?  Let me be frank: Most of the learning materials "out there" are insipid.  They just teach the basics... over and over and over again.  Boring!  To get to the next level, you need something unique, something that will challenge you, that will inspire your creative imagination.  In the end, language is not about rules.  It's about YOU expressing YOU!

If you'd like try this course, please reserve a free trial lesson or use one of my discount coupons.  I look forward to meeting you.


"In high-school, I got good grades in grammar.  But it was all about memorization and rules.  With you, I have learned how to use grammar to express MY IDEAS!  That's very exciting."

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