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Japanese for Advanced Level (50 min)

50 Mins P 2,000
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Japanese Grammar Listening Speaking

Study of grammars and expressions+practice of conversation!

*How can you study Japanese in this lesson?

-read newspaper/internet news articles, columns, and issues, then discuss those topics freely.

-do role playing.

-do some tasks.

-learn grammars

-learn Japanese culture....and more!

*Class Material
Provided. I will send it to you before class, so please make sure you do it before the lesson.

*Recommended for people who:
-have been studying Japanese for a long time
-have just came home from studying abroad in Japan and don’t want to lose their Japanese
-want more chances to speak in Japanese
-want to study more advanced expressions and grammar
-want to improve their conversation skills even more


*I will consider your aim, level and so on.  And then I will arrange content of this lesson. Please feel free to ask me about this lesson any time^^ 



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