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♪Piano Lessons for Kids♪

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Music for kids

What kind of sound does a piano make? Have your child experience all the different sounds that the black and white keys bring to life. Great for kids who are just starting out (^^) Great for kids who want to get even better (^^)

For children who are just getting started with piano to children who have been learning for many years and want to get to the next level. I can also help your child learn how to play a piece, for example a choral accompaniment, in a short amount of time. I will tailor the lesson to your child's needs.

I will guide your child, taking care to nurture their natural musical sense, so that they can play with ease in the future. I can incorporate solfège, music rules, and other various approaches as necessary. In the beginning, please participate alongside your child.

When you make the lesson request, please provide the following information.

 Child's age
 Piano experience
 Song you would like them to work on (if they are already learning) 

Music should be fun♪ 
Let’s spend some productive time making music together!!

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