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Achieve Maximum Fluency: Know your goals, strengths and weaknesses!

The money you spend on Cafetalk will be either productive or unproductive.  In my two years of teaching online, I've found that students who make the most progress HAVE A PLAN!

So this lesson is where all my top students begin.  We will only do this lesson once, but its basic purpose is to 1) evaluate your current level of English mastery so I really know how to help you and 2) create "the plan".  There is no point teaching things you already know.  That's a waste of your time and mine... plus it's totally boring.  I'd rather have fun and learn a lot, wouldn't you?

So this lesson is basically 80 minutes, broken down as follows:

Step 1: Get acquainted, discuss goals.  Time: 10 minutes

Step 2: The Evaluation: Time 50 minutes

Step 3: A written report: Time 20 minutes

The lesson itself, then, is 60 minutes.  During that time, we will have a friendly conversation and identify what is really important to you.  After getting to know your goals, I will send you a proprietary quiz with 2 sections that will help us identify your strengths and weaknesses and how I can really help you.

Following the evaluation, I will prepare a 4 page written report, which I will email to you.  Its purpose will be to summarize everything we just discussed.  It will also propose a series of lessons to get started.

When you've finished working with me, your English will sound like a violin.  I'm joking of course, but I'm also serious!  You will be very proud of what you've achieved!

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