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Achieve Fluent Conversation

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Discover "natural" English!

The Achieve Fluent Conversation is a beginner level course whose focus is to teach you common, everyday expressions that native speakers use all the time.  The goal? To give you a very natural sounding English.

Reports!  How they work!

Each lesson is 25 minutes.  Most students will book 2 lessons at the same time, so 2 X 25 = one 50 minute lesson (ex: Lesson 1 @ 9:00 and Lesson 2 @ 9:30).  If you do just one lesson, there is no written report.  If you do 2 or more lessons together, you will receive a written report showing you all the mistakes you made in conversation, how to express that same idea more fluently, and other helpful tips to understand the English language better. 

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