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Basic English for Children

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English lessons for kids using Skype and Google Docs!

Basic English for Children

I am now offering a program of beginner English lessons which are suitable for students from High School, Junior High School and Elementary School.  I have created and set up the lesson support material online in Google Slide format (it looks just like Power Point), including colorful  images and  text. There are 12 lessons in the program and the first 6 lessons include bi-lingual text in English and Japanese. I have basic level Japanese language skills and I know the common classroom expressions in Japanese. As you may know, it’s possible to have 3 or more persons using Skype at the same time. So, if your child is a bit shy, a parent can join in the lesson for one or two lessons until your child feels confident to work independently with the teacher. I still offer CafeTalk flexibility, in that your child can start lessons at any time.  The first 6 lessons include the topics – Introduction to class talk for Skype lessons; English Word types; simple Present Tense; asking and answering simple Questions; My Family and my Home; My Town and My hobbies; and, Giving Directions.
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