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Learn Korean With the Latest Dramas

50 Mins P 2,000
tutor_image Minji
Korean Listening Reading

A lesson for people who are interested in popular new dramas!

-Through your prep and the lesson, you can improve your vocabulary skills, listening skills, and writing skills while watching the most popular new dramas.

-Recommended for people who have a hard time studying with traditional textbooks, love popular new dramas, and are at least intermediate level in Korean

-I will choose the drama, but I can also take requests.

-I will be using short clips, so anyone who is intermediate level and up can try it!

-Lesson outline:
1. I will send you the video and homework before the lesson
(Whether it’s vocabulary words or phrases, write down whatever you can catch from watching the video)
2. During the lesson, we will check your homework and you will answer some simple questions that I have prepared.
3. We will read the script and I will explain the content, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.
4. You will practice writing and reading the script.
5. After the lesson, I will send you a sound file that you can use for review (listening, pronunciation, writing practice)

-I will send you all of the necessary videos, sound giles, text files, etc.

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team

Material: Flexible

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