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Tanoshiku Manabu Kankokugo (Sentence Patterns)

25 Mins P 1,100 Trial 15 Mins P 500
tutor_image Minji
Korean Good for beginners Grammar

A beginner level lesson focused on sentence patterns. We will be using the textbook "Tanoshiku Manabu Kankokugo"

Recommended for beginner level Korean students, people who are studying on their own, and people who want to study sentence patterns from the very basics. 
If you don’t own a Tanoshiku Manabu Kankokugo book, I can provide the material.

The explanations are written in Japanese so they are easy to understand, read before the lesson, and review after the lesson. 

You will be answering practice problems and directly creating sentences and speaking them aloud, and soon you will be able to speak Korean freely.  

We we start with the simplest and most basic sentence patterns, so even in you're confident in it, don't worry and try your best! 

Translation: 1/2015 - The Cafetalk Team 

Material: Textbook (楽しく学ぶ韓国語)

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